We provide an array of digital advertising solutions. These solutions include Digital Outdoor Advertising and Digital Cinema Advertising. Make your content work for you and capitalize on the advertising space we offer.


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Our team is comprised of members that have comprehensive knowledge and passion for what they do. As a local business, we place value in communication and relationships. We love working with other businesses and creating lasting relationships.

Get in touch with us to learn how our team can help your business reach new heights!


Your brand is a promise. A brand needs to be original. Your brand is the promise you make, the quality and look of your content, the personality that underlies all that you do, and the services you provide. A good brand is memorable and unique. We want to help you achieve a greater sense of brand identity with your prospects and customers. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Make an Impression

Whether you are advertising on our digital billboards or on our cinema screens you are guaranteed to make an impression on your audience. Our team is willing to work with you to help you produce content that promotes your brand and makes a lasting impact.

Digital Billboard Advertising

Advertising on our digital billboards offers a plethora of benefits. And we have packages available for all budgets. Get in touch with us and learn how we can help grow your business.

New Signs & New Markets

We are a company that is always looking to expand our reach and increase our number of billboards. We are constantly seeking land-owners in high-traffic and high-visibility areas. Our agreements with land owners provide a number of benefits, including guaranteed income and increased property value. If you are a land owner and would like to know more about working with us, click here for more information. If you are an advertiser that is looking to advertise in an area which we currently do not service let us know using our contact form so we can start a campaign to expand our reach into that area.

Benefits for Landowners

Finding the right property is a key part of our business. We appreciate those who allow us to utilize their property for our billboards and we provide them with attractive benefits. Like our customers, we treat our land owners fairly and we seek to establish relationships with them.

Movie Theater Advertising


Go Big

When we do advertisements we make sure they are huge, literally. In addition to providing outdoor advertising space, we provide pre-show advertising space and lobby advertisement space at movie theaters. Our team members are experienced in digital advertising and projection technology, ensuring that our on screen advertisements are of the highest quality and greatest impact.


Captive Audience

Movie theater advertising has a significant Return on Investment due to the captive audience. Digital cinema advertisements carry a significant presence that commands the audience attention. These advertisements make an impression on a captive audience.


Professional Ads

Our team members have the skill and knowledge to create advertisements that promote your brand, make an impact, and deliver a message. We can provide you with various versions of these videos for your use. If you would like to create your own videos we can advise you on the appropriate resolution, codecs, frame rates and other settings.


Pre Show Entertainment

Do you own a movie theater and need a solution for your pre show entertainment? We can provide pre show advertisements and entertainment media for any theater. We can utilize existing technology at your theater and provide you with equipment reimbursement, or we can implement our own technology at no cost to you. Contact us today to learn how we can increase your advertising revenue and improve the experience of your customers!

RocketVII Interactive Benefits

We are a company that understands the importance of advertising, brand identity, and marketing. We don't just sell ad space, we sell opportunities to grow your business. We stand behind our products and utilize them for our personal businesses. We make sure that all of our advertising locations are in areas that will provide multiple benefits to our clients. We encourage our clients and potential clients to contact us at any time with any questions they may have; we want to establish connections and relationships, not just advertisers.

Use Digital Files

Our digital billboards and movie theater advertisements accept a variety of digital files. This allows for great flexibility in creating and choosing your content.

Cohesive Marketing

Easily coordinate the content that is displayed don our boards or cinema screens with your current advertising campaigns.

In House Design Team

We have in house graphic design available for any of our advertisers. By utilizing our graphic design services your ads will accurately reflect your brand and effectively promote your specials.

Grow Your Company

We have packages that cater to businesses of all sizes. You, and thousands of others, will see your business on a billboard or on the big screen.

Dedicated Sales Representatives

We have sales representatives that will coordinate with you to help you determine your best advertising location and advertising plans. Our sales representatives are always available to answer any que.

Technical Consultation & Support

We can provide you with assistance in creating content for any of our platforms. Assistance can include advising you on colors or dimensions, helping you upload content to the appropriate location, ch.

Contact Us

If you are interested in any of our services and would like more information you can use the form below to contact us. Just include in the subject line the service you are interested in.

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