Video Game Tournaments @ Silver Screen VII

RocketVII Interactive is proud to announce a partnership with Silver Screen VII to bring video game tournaments to the big screen.  Check below for information on upcoming tournaments.  Or use the contact from at the bottom of the page if you are interested in sponsoring a video game tournament or hosting a tournament as a fundraiser for your group/organization.

The Gallia Academy Senior Class of 2016 presents a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 4 versus 4 Team Deathmatch tournament.  RocketVII Interactive is proud to help host this event at Silver Screen VII. All entry fee proceeds will benefit the Gallia Academy Senior Class of 2016.

The Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Tournament is open to all people of all ages. If you have a condition, such as epilepsy, please consult a doctor before playing video games.  The tournament is limited to the first 60 teams that register. Registration opens at 8:00pm on February, 27th.  Pre-registering is not allowed and your full team must be present to register.  Registration closes promptly at 11:00pm. If you arrive after 11:00pm you will not be allowed to register.

This is a large tournament and will take a significant amount of time, please take this into consideration.  For your safety, and the safety of others participating in the tournament, there is no re-admittance to the movie theater after the tournament begins.


Tournament Details:

  • Location: Silver Screen VII
  • Date: Saturday, February 27th
  • Registration: 8:00pm - 11:00pm
  • Mandatory Rules Meeting: 11:15pm - if your team is not present your team will be disqualified
  • Tournament begins: 11:59pm
  • Entry Fee: $80 per team
  • Number of players per team: 4
  • Team Limit: 60 teams - no teams will be allowed to register after the first 60 have registered
  • Bracket Style: Double Elimination - you are guaranteed 2 games minimum
  • Console: Xbox One - consoles will be provided for every screen
  • Controllers: Controllers are provided - custom controllers are not allowed - modded controllers are not allowed - Xbox Elite controllers are not allowed - keyboard & mouse are not allowed - controller grips are not allowed - thumbstick/joystick grips are not allowed
  • Communication devices: You may bring walk-talkies, cellphones, or headsets to communicate with teammates in the other theater
  • Games will be played on movie theater screens


Tournament Rules:

  • Game mode: Standard Team Deathmatch - hardcore mode is NOT enabled
  • ---- More Information Coming Soon ----

Live Preview

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